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Have you ever felt like you’re a slave to a company. Or trapped in a pointless job that you don’t enjoy?

Well I do, every day, and I need to get out. I just can’t escape the fact that I hate my job. There is absolutely no way I’m willing to live like this for another thirty years!

I’m fairly certain I’m not unique in this. In fact, based on a recent survey carried out by LinkedIn, it appears 80% of people don’t enjoy their job.

Considering that we spend more than a third of our lives working then the direct implication is that 80% of us don’t enjoy a third of our lives. What a depressing statistic that is! Things get even worse if you allow for the time spent commuting and preparing presentations. Not to mention the hours spent stressing about work.

Life is way too short to spend such a large chunk of it unhappy! I’ve decided I need to make a change. Somehow I need to break into the elite 20% who do enjoy their work.

Ok – now back to the real world! How can I leave my job without ending up living out of the back of my car? Or living on the streets? Well that’s what I intend to find out.

So follow me as I attempt to escape my nine-to-five job. I’ll be providing updates on my progress here and will also share any tips I pick up along the way as I try to identify ways to generate new income streams, reduce outgoings, clear debt and build savings to ultimately get control of my money and earn it easier.

I’d love your support and commentary throughout this journey and of course if you have any questions, suggestions or advice please get in touch.